Forget everything you think you know about Business & Personal Development Workshops. Marilyn Shannon Training Programs are for business professionals and people from all walks of life who feel the calling to achieve their fullest personal potential while making meaningful contributions that improve their work, home, and interpersonal environments.

Each training is specially designed for the needs of the organization, entity or participants. Marilyn’s workshops have an immediate impact on how individuals listen, communicate, lead, guide, participate and produce results.  Skills and strategies learned will translate into powerful communications on both a personal and professional level, enabling better understanding and more effective team/community building.

Listening is the key element that is integrated effectively by successful organizations and their staff. Doing so transforms the organizational culture into one that fosters acceptance, support, and empowerment to achieve a shared goal.

Marilyn Shannon Training Program participants learn how to balance and integrate various professional styles of communicating by improving their listening skills, relationship management, vision, and results. Attendees also experience a renewed vitality in their communication at work and at home.

Each Marilyn Shannon Training Programs engagement will focus on listening and communication skills. They are organized around experiential exercises, discussions, and lectures that teach the tools necessary for effective listening. These trainings are suitable for anyone in a company or organization, including those in the following areas:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Team Building & Human Relations, including conflict resolution and relationship management
  • Personal growth and development
  • Networking for internal and external use

Contact us today and learn more about Marilyn Shannon Training Programs. Talk with Marilyn and allow us to customize the program that will address your specific objectives.